Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety

The Iowa Division of Labor regulates boilers and unfired steam pressure vessels according to Iowa Code Chapter 89. Some water heating boilers used for pools or spas are regulated by the Iowa Department of Public Health. More information can be found by reviewing the Iowa Code and Administrative Rules.

Boilers and Pressure Vessels Covered by Iowa Law

Coverage depends on location, pressure, size, and type of the equipment. Pressure vessel coverage is limited to unfired steam pressure vessels. Some water heaters are regulated as boilers. Read about coverage of the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Laws.

Owner or User of a Covered Boiler or Pressure Vessel

  • Make sure inspections are performed on time by an inspector authorized by the Iowa Division of Labor
  • Post the current annual operating certificate in the room with the boiler or pressure vessel
  • Obtain proper repairs, some repairs and alterations must get prior approval
  • Notify the Iowa Division of Labor in the event of an explosion or accident
  • Keep your equipment in safe and proper working order according to the manufacturer’s specifications

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board

The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board has authority to write rules, review inspection reports, grant waivers from rules, and more.

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